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God Is the Simplest of All

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 7/27/20

Dear parishioners and friends,


In the early 1970s, Leonard Bernstein composed a dramaticoratorio, MASS, for the inauguration of the Kennedy Center forthe Performing Arts in Washington DC. The work begins withthe main figure, the Celebrant, preparing for the liturgy with aprayer that cries out for something unexpected: ... Read More »

Live Out the Serenity Prayer

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 7/19/20

Dear parishioners and friends,

As I've shared with you in the past, we continue this time ofpandemic which changes our lives on a daily basis, and we striveall the more to live out the first few words of the “SerenityPrayer”.

God grant me the serenityto accept the things I ... Read More »

Church During Covid-19

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 7/15/20

Dear parishioners and friends,

One day last week in my daily reflection, I began to wonderwhat I would say if asked years from now, “what was it liketo minister in a COVID-19 church?”

As of right now I do not think I would paint as bleak a pictureas many ... Read More »

Happy Birthday America

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 7/05/20

Dear parishioners and friends,

Happy Birthday America!

This weekend we celebrate our country’s 244th birthday. ThisAmerican experience and experiment are still in its infancystages compared with the history and existence of civilizationsthroughout the world, which date back much further than ours.This includes those living in historical biblical times. While ... Read More »

Welcome Back Home

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 6/29/20

My dear beautiful people of God,

You have been missed so much! These past months have beenextremely difficult. We have been asked to change and adapt inso many ways because of this horrible pandemic. And now aswe return to church we are being asked to change and adapt inthe ... Read More »

Father's Day

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 6/23/20

Dear parishioners and friends,

How I wish that my dad were alive at this time to see the changes andrenovations taking place in this parish church that I love so much andwhich I have learned to call my home. You see, my dad was acarpenter. Not by trade, but ... Read More »

Trinity Sunday

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 6/07/20

Dear parishioners and friends,

This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday. The complexity of theHoly Trinity is something that is far beyond my comprehensionand minds far greater than mine have tried to explain it, so that wecan have a greater understanding of just how it is that our one Godexists ... Read More »


Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 6/01/20

Dear parishioners and friends, 

Last year on Pentecost Sunday, I had the huge privilege of being able to confirm our parish candidates. While the students prepared diligently for years for that day, it was the first time (outside of the Easter Vigil) that Pastors in the diocese were granted ... Read More »

The Lord Does Not Abandon Us

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 5/22/20

Dear parishioners and friends,

Did you ever have “one of those days?” Or perhaps one of those weeks? A couple of weeks ago was “one of those weeks” for me. Things did not seem to be going well in the workplace. I felt inundated with unanswered calls and messages. ... Read More »

Mother's Day

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 5/10/20

My dear beautiful people of God, 

“I am going to prepare a place for you…I will come back again and take you to myself, so that where I am you also may be.” I remember just about four weeks before my mother's death, she called me to her house and ... Read More »