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Father's Day

Dear parishioners and friends,

How I wish that my dad were alive at this time to see the changes and
renovations taking place in this parish church that I love so much and
which I have learned to call my home. You see, my dad was a
carpenter. Not by trade, but self-taught. He was a merchant marine and
worked in the grocery business most of his life. But I do not think I
saw my dad more content than when he was taking care of his garden
or building something in our house, or somewhere else, for his family,
a neighbor, a relative or a friend. He was pretty darn good at it too.
I could just hear him now, telling me (usually in colorful language),
what should have been done differently, what could have been
changed, what may have been more economical or perhaps a smarter
choice. I could hear him questioning those who have been working on
our church renovation project, every step of the way. I could just see
him interrupting a carpenter with every nail they hammered or piece of
carpet they laid. Come to think of it, maybe it is a good thing that he’s
watching all of this from heaven!

My friends, very soon you will be returning to worship in “the round
church.” It will look a bit different. And I pray to God that you will be
“wowed and in awe.” However, I know that we all have different tastes
and see life, let alone a church renovation project, differently. But
please know, that this project was not undertaken lightly. This project
was begun to prepare our parish community for the 50th anniversary of
the dedication of our present church and the 75th anniversary of our
founding as a parish. It is all being done for the greater glory of God
and to give the people who make up this beautiful parish, an even more
beautiful space in which to worship. Many have worked extremely
hard in the planning stages. Many have worked extremely hard in
trying to raise money. Many have put a lot of physical effort and sweat
into this endeavor. We thank God for all of them!

Most of all we thank God for the people who make up this church. The
walls of our church envelope us with God's love as we sing His praises
and give Him thanks. The doors of our church are open wide to
welcome all people as Jesus welcomed all. So let us never forget that
the most beautiful part of the church is not a new floor, new ceiling,
new baptismal area , or for that matter any one particular “THING”
that is new. The most beautiful part of this church is YOU! Welcome
home to “the round church …where there (still) is room for everyone!”


Fr. Andrew


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