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Browsing the 2021 archive of Father Andy's Corner

Browsing the 2021 archive of Father Andy's Corner

Ordination Anniversary

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 9/04/21

Dear parishioners and friends,

This coming Tuesday, August 31st, marks the 36th anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood along with nine other men. And although it was a glorious day, I’m sure that none of us could ever have imagined what the church and priesthood would look like ... Read More »


Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 5/25/21

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Happy Pentecost! Happy Birthday! Happy Confirmation Sunday!

The Holy Spirit has never stopped moving in the Catholic Church! Since it all began on that first Pentecost, we as a church have worked diligently, building up God’s kingdom here on earth. We are the ones responsible ... Read More »

Our Connectedness To One Another

Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 5/04/21

Dear parishioners and friends,   As we congratulate the 35 children who are receiving our Lord in their First Holy Communion this weekend, we are reminded of our connectedness to Jesus and to one another. This Sunday's gospel speaks of Jesus being the vine and we , the branches. ... Read More »


Posted by Jonathan Mengoni on 1/25/21

Dear parishioners and friends,

I know that this may come as a huge shock, but your pastor, Fr. Andy, was never recruited by any college, anywhere in the United States to play football. Yes, it is true. I never received a football scholarship. I did however, receive invitations from ... Read More »