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Dear parishioners and friends,

I know that this may come as a huge shock, but your pastor, Fr. Andy, was never recruited by any college, anywhere in the United States to play football. Yes, it is true. I never received a football scholarship. I did however, receive invitations from several schools to attend their colleges and was even encouraged by some very generous offers.

In this week's gospel, Jesus is making an offer. He is almost out recruiting.... he wants his disciples to drop with they are doing and to come and follow him. The interesting thing however, is that he does not invite them to “come to his school” because of any kind of skill that they are exhibiting. He invites them to come, simply to learn from him. He invites them to come simply to follow him. He invites them to come so that he can teach them. Jesus invites his disciples, simply because of who they are. And the interesting thing is that he invites them and calls them from their everyday and mundane existence.

Today Jesus calls each and every one of us to be his disciples. He calls us to be his followers. Whether you're in school or at work, dealing with a temporary layoff, or you are busy about many, everyday things, Jesus calls you just where you are, simply because of WHO you are. How well are you answering the call? Do you even hear him?

Love, Fr. Andrew


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