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18th Sunday In Ordinary Time (Sunday Mass)- August 2, 202020

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Weekend Mass Schedule
Saturday 4pm- Registration Required
Sunday 10am- Registration Required

Weekday Mass Schedule
Monday No Mass
Tuesday No Mass
Wednesday 12pm- Registration NOT Required
Thursday 9am-12pm- Private Eucharistic Prayer
Friday 12pm- Registration NOT Required

Inclement Weather:
The Mass schedule will not be affected by inclement weather. However, use your discretion in attending Mass when road conditions are hazardous.

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We will be live streaming Sunday morning Mass at 10am. If it's not playing, please refresh your browser.

"The Good News"

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Office Hours

Our office is now open from 9am-2pm Monday thru Friday.

If you are unable to register for mass online under the "Registration For Mass" section, call our rectory office for assistance!

Rectory office number: 570-383-3244

Inclement Weather:
In the event of inclement weather, the Parish Office follows the Valley View School District's inclement weather schedule. If schools are closed or dismissed early, the Parish office will do the same. Please be safe!

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