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Happy Birthday America

Dear parishioners and friends,

Happy Birthday America!

This weekend we celebrate our country’s 244th birthday. This
American experience and experiment are still in its infancy
stages compared with the history and existence of civilizations
throughout the world, which date back much further than ours.
This includes those living in historical biblical times. While we
strive to make the best of our times, founded on the principles
put forth by a group of men in 1776, that “all (men) are created
equal,” we still have a long way to go. We are by no means

So, what do we do as we strive to move forward? Perhaps we
can learn from all the mistakes of our past, seek forgiveness
and make amends, and then do the best we can to never repeat
them. Perhaps we need to realize that no one is perfect, no
institution or civilization. Perhaps it is time for us to put some
of the Christian principles on which our nation was founded
into practice; principles of forgiveness and understanding,
principles of compassion and tolerance, principles of equality
and justice, principles of love.

I remember just 4 short years ago when there was an
outpouring of sentiment that had Donald Trump become
president, we would have a mass exodus of celebrities and
locals alike running for the borders so as to move out of the
country! I do not know if I can think of anyone that carried
through with that threat. In fact, just the opposite is true.
Almost daily we hear about thousands upon thousands of
people who would like to come into this country. Why?
Because with all our foibles and disagreements, with all our
flaws and even our injustices, we still live in the greatest nation
on earth. While not perfect, we are trying. For some, we are
trying too much. For others we are not trying enough. But no
matter how you look at it, we still have the freedom to speak,
to worship, and to live in a nation where we, at the very least
…we are trying!

Fr. Andrew


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