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Welcome Back Home

My dear beautiful people of God,

You have been missed so much! These past months have been
extremely difficult. We have been asked to change and adapt in
so many ways because of this horrible pandemic. And now as
we return to church we are being asked to change and adapt in
the way we worship.

CHURCH…One of the few places where many of us look for
stability, is now asking us to change and to adapt once more.
But please realize that even though we are making some
changes to assure one another’s safety and well being, there is
one thing that is unchangeable. There is one thing that is
certain and one thing that never changes. And that is Jesus
Christ’s great love for all of us. So please come back, when
you are ready, with open minds and hearts…and be prepared to
receive the grace that can only come from an intimate loving
relationship with the Father who unconditionally loves you…
with the Son who is your brother, lover and best friend… and
with the Spirit that promises to be with you, even until the end
of time!

Fr. Andrew


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