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Trinity Sunday

Dear parishioners and friends,

This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday. The complexity of the
Holy Trinity is something that is far beyond my comprehension
and minds far greater than mine have tried to explain it, so that we
can have a greater understanding of just how it is that our one God
exists in three unique and distinct persons, the Father, Son and
Holy Spirit. Suffice to say that regardless of our understanding or
how much we study the complexity of such a mystery, we believe
that our God exists in a communal and relational way. We are in
relationship with the one God who embraces us as a parent, sibling
and savior and as one who sanctifies, challenges and blesses.

Because God is a communal being and we are made in His image
and likeness, we are called to be a relational people, a community
of believers. During this time of pandemic, it has been very
difficult to manifest a sense of community in our church. And yet
we know it exists because we are united by the same God through
the Eucharist, which although we have not been able to receive, we
celebrate given the fact that Eucharist gives us strength and leads
us to keep alive a spirit who challenges us to continue the ongoing
work of the church, regardless of whether our buildings are open
or closed. The church continues to exist in the community of
believers and now more than ever, we need to draw on that
communal strength as we strive to build up God's Kingdom here
on earth. We are all united to that one God who is Father, Son and
Holy Spirit, and therefore united to one another.


Fr. Andrew


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