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Dear parishioners and friends, 

Last year on Pentecost Sunday, I had the huge privilege of being able to confirm our parish candidates. While the students prepared diligently for years for that day, it was the first time (outside of the Easter Vigil) that Pastors in the diocese were granted faculties by our Bishop to preside at Confirmation for our parishioners who were part of a Confirmation Class. This year was to be a little different. Bishop Bambera was going to come to Sacred Heart to celebrate Confirmation. He had planned to do so in every parish throughout our 11-county diocese on a 3 year rotating basis. However, Queen Corona had different plans. 

As you know by now, Confirmation for the class of 2020 has been postponed. While we are still waiting to see what will happen and when it will take place, one thing is for sure… it WILL take place. Most likely faculties will once again be delegated to me as pastor, to confirm our young people who have worked so hard. In addition, we still have no idea when we will be able to return to church for Masses. I know that it is difficult to live with such uncertainty, but I must confess that a small part of me is excited about, once again, having the opportunity to celebrate this special Sacrament with our young people. 

All too often we look at Confirmation as being a type of graduation. Confirmation does not connotate any type of conclusion or finish to any process. In fact, it is the direct opposite. Confirmation is a sacrament through which our young people are empowered by the Holy Spirit to go out into the world and to make a difference in their faith. Confirmation marks an exciting beginning as we recognize in these young people the way of the future, not only in our society but also in our church. We are in dire need of their service and the direction that they can give to our church moving forward. The Catholic Church so desperately needs them and although they do not often realize it at times, they desperately need the church. I ask that you continue to pray for our Confirmation class, for our Bishop and for me as your pastor. We pray on this Pentecost that we may all be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit and the realization that through her guidance we can all do great things for God, for our world and for our church. 


Fr. Andrew


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