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This Upcoming Christmas

Dear parishioners and friends,
it is difficult for me to believe that I am celebrating my fourth Christmas with you this year. This Christmas however, is like no other that I, and I venture to say you, have ever experienced. Throughout 2020 we have been asked to make so many changes to our lifestyle as well as to the way we worship. Christmas will be no exception. While we have suspended registration for Masses at Sacred Heart we are encouraging anyone who wishes to attend Mass on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to register online or to call the parish office. Many of the Masses are filled already. As with all Holy Days the obligation to attend Mass has been lifted by our bishops. However, I know that in your heart you want to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by receiving the Eucharist and partaking in liturgy. I encourage as many of you as possible to consider doing that as a family or with friends in your home as all Masses will be livestreamed. We will continue with our regular Mass schedule until further notice providing you with many opportunities to be able to receive the Eucharist.
You are a blessed and gifted people. I am in awe of your willingness to adapt and be able to change. I know that this will continue to be the case as we all approach the birthday of Christ and celebrate Christmas.
Love Fr. Andrew


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