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Jumpin' Jubilee We're Almost 75

In April 2021, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Peckville will mark its 75th Anniversary of its founding as a parish.  In September 2020 our present church building will observe 50 years since its dedication.  In observance of these milestones I am asking that our parish community plan to observe a Jubilee Year beginning in the fall of 2020 and concluding in late spring of 2021.  The Jubilee Renovation Committee will assist on giving our church a facelift and much-needed update.  The next Jubilee Renovation Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 5th at 7pm in the parish center.  The Jubilee Celebration Committee will assist in making plans for a variety of activities, educational as well as social events and most importantly spiritual and liturgical observances throughout the entire Jubilee year.  It is an exciting time in the history of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.  The Jubilee Celebration Committee will meet on Wednesday, March 6th at 6:30pm in Holy Family Hall.  (Please note the location of the meeting has been moved from the rectory to Holy Family Hall.)

Do you have any vintage photos of our church?

As we begin plans for our Jubilee year, 2020/2021, we are looking for photos of the interior of our original church on Main Street.  Original photos of our present building’s interior and exterior from when it was first built in 1970 can also be of great use.  If you are willing to share them temporarily or even just show them to us, please contact Fr. Andy or Gayle Castellani.  We only need them for a brief time and they will be returned.