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Worshiping in a Covid-19 Church: Second of a Three Part Series

Second of a three part series by fellow parishioners

Dear parishioners and friends,

My fiancée Collin and I are really excited for the opportunity to
write this letter on the experience of worshipping in a COVID

Before the COVID church, I looked forward to Sundays by being
able to teach and guide my first grade CCD students. Earlier this
year, my students were making great strides with learning their
prayers and about the church community but that was halted. We
were not able to end the year together, but I know that the church
will make sure that the children will be able to grow spiritually.
This past December, Collin and I became Eucharist Ministers. It
was an amazing experience being able to minister with my father,
brother and fiancée during the same mass. The act of distributing
Communion gave us such a deeper connection with our
community and the power of seeing the strength of the belief from
the parishioners when receiving Communion was a moving
experience. Unfortunately, all of this could not continue, but we
are happy that the church is making strides to get back to where
we left off in March.

Coming into the year, we had planned to get married in the
church in September. As soon as the church was opened back up
to the public, we wanted to go to see the renovations that
happened to the appearance of the church and the feeling we
would get in holding a ceremony with the new restrictions. We
ultimately decided it would be best to postpone the wedding for all
of those that would not feel comfortable to attend but we were
more than amazed with how the staff at the church has tried to do
everything to accommodate the new guidelines.

From having family members that have health issues that make
them higher risk, we do understand why everyone is not able to
attend the services. But to those who are just uncertain about being
in the public setting, the parish staff goes above and beyond to
ensure the safety of those who attend. Everyone at mass follows
the directives when it comes to social distancing and wearing
masks throughout the celebration. At the end of mass those who
wish to receive Communion are given that option and all who
come forward are socially distanced. This allows for a peaceful
reflection for those waiting to receive.

We are far from returning to normalcy but having the ability to
attend mass weekly with my family has brought a greater
appreciation. Whether attending Mass in person or online, we are
all connected together by the same faith. According to Pope Paul
VI, “The Mass is the most perfect form of prayer!” We eagerly
wait for everyone to join in the celebration.


Laura Ferraro and Collin Ferguson


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