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The Tomb Is Empty!

Dear parishioners and friends,

The tomb is empty! ALLELUIA!!! Each year at Easter we celebrate the reality of the empty tomb! After having gone through a very human life, resembling ours, and in addition to a ministry with some miraculous results, all the way to an end filled with pain, suffering and even death, our entire faith, our entire being, is summed up in the reality of what happened that Easter morning. Jesus Christ conquers the ultimate! Jesus Christ conquers the tomb! I will venture to say that never in history, and definitely never in most of our lives has there been an experience of a Lenten season or Easter, quite like this one.  

In some ways we too are living a Paschal Mystery in this time of darkness, sickness and even death. But because of our faith in Jesus Christ, the one who conquered death, we know that there is still HOPE and that in the end, this time of testing and pain will be overcome by a victorious and triumphant new beginning.  


Our lives will never be the same again. But because we believe in Jesus Christ who is the ultimate life force and who has the last word, we know that HOPE will win out! Our HOPE is in the empty tomb. Our HOPE is in a new life filled with God’s presence and promise that there is always something better which awaits us beyond the grave. In this life and the next, we remain people of HOPE because we believe that the Victorious Christ is at our side through it all...through this the grave...and beyond! HAPPY EASTER!!! 

Fr. Andrew 


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