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Ministering In A Covid-19 Church: Part 1

First of a three part series

Dear parishioners and friends,

Ministering during a pandemic is much like rafting down the
Delaware River. How you ask? Let me share my recent adventure
with you. I was taken far, far out of my comfort zone when my
family suggested a rafting trip down the Delaware River. It’ll be
fun! It’ll be an adventure! That’s what they said. In my head I
heard, “This sounds dangerous! None of us ever did this before!
Maybe we shouldn’t go.“ But there I was putting on a life jacket,
choosing an oar and listening to a safety talk from a teenager. As
we were rafting on the crystal, clear water of the Delaware, I had
the opportunity to reflect on my fears and I realized that although
there was an element of danger, I was given the necessary
equipment and safety lesson to navigate the water ahead of me.
Whether the water was still or choppy, I had everything needed to
be safe.

That’s where we find ourselves in ministry today. Yes, for some of
us, we may be out of our comfort zone but we have the necessary
equipment and are being taught the safety lessons. These were and
continue to be given to us through the Sacraments, our faith
formation, the Gospel and Dr. Levine! We will continue to
minister and live our lives, not in fear, but with JOY! We are
thrilled that public Masses have resumed, we continue to livestream Mass for the elderly and those who’s health may be
compromised; Funeral Masses, Baptisms, and Weddings have
been celebrated and will continue; Lectors are again permitted to
proclaim The Word of God, and so much more!

Our ministries remain firm in principal while following all
necessary procedures to provide everyone with a safe, sanitized
environment to work and worship in. Be not afraid! Grab your
gear and paddle with me through this exhilarating journey called
life! The water right now may be choppy but the calm, clear water
is just around the bend. Have faith and be safe!


Gayle Castellani


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