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"...For Nothing Is Impossible With God!"

My dear parishioners and friends, 

“…For nothing will be impossible with God!” (Luke 1) 

I keep going back to that beautiful Gospel that we hear every year on the Feast of the Annunciation of our Lord. This year more than ever, it has such special meaning. For nothing will keep us as Catholic Christians from celebrating the most sacred and holy days of the year. I invite you and family and friends wherever they may be, throughout our country and throughout the world, to join together as one parish family, the celebration of the Sacred Triduum. 

The fact that it must be viewed, “live streamed” on Facebook, our website or through YouTube, is not the ideal way to celebrate. But the challenge for all of us is to look beyond the way we are celebrating these days, and try with all our hearts, to experience what the beauty and sanctity of these sacred days holds for us. Please join us on Holy Thursday at 7:00 PM as we celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. At 3:00 PM on Good Friday, we will observe the Passion and crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ and at 7:30 PM , Holy Saturday night, you are invited to join us for the great Easter Vigil. Of course, our Easter Sunday mass will be live streamed at 10:00 AM. 

All these celebrations will be different from what we are used to. But the fact that we are all united in prayer at the same time, from a sacred place which is near and dear to our hearts, helps us to realize that this “Round Church, where there’s room for everyone,” extends beyond the boundaries of walls. 

Gayle and I will place each and every one of you on the paten as we physically receive the Eucharist and invite you to make a spiritual communion at that time, thus uniting yourselves to Christ present in the Eucharist as well as to one another. 
God bless you and know that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God, in Christ Jesus, who brings us all together. 

Fr. Andrew 


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