Communion Calls and Hospital Visits

Communion Calls 

After weekend masses, Holy Communion is taken to the home bound parishioners. Shut-ins who want to be placed on the list for weekly or monthly Holy Communion, please call the parish office. On the first Friday of each month, Monsignor Madus along with Sharon and Gerry Gallo (Extraordinary Ministers) bring Holy Communion to home bound parishioners.

Hospitalized Parishioners
From time to time we have parishioners hospitalized for significant periods of time about whom we never hear.  Sometimes the information may be held back because of current Hippa Laws that seek to protect the privacy of patients.  Due to federal privacy regulations, the hospitals will no longer notify the parish about a parishioner’s admission. Sometimes our parishioners may get reported to other Sacred Heart Parishes such as in Jermyn or South Scranton.   In the end, I may be walking right by a parishioner’s room without ever knowing that he/she was ever admitted.  Therefore, when a family member or friend is admitted to a hospital, please call the parish office and leave a message.  Hospital visitation is a very important part of our parish ministry.